Monday, September 5, 2011

Buying Purchases Online

Disclaimer - The Discover offers are no longer valid.

If you are ever buying something online, in order to maximize your savings, here are the following tips:

Coupon Codes:
For example, if you are buying something from walmart, google "walmart coupon codes."  Many places will have coupon codes for free shipping or 10% off that you will just have to search a few website for but they are out there for the easy taking.

Go through your Credit Card's Website:
Most credit cards have online retailer links.  You can get anywhere from 2-15% or more off the price through your credit card's site.  I have especially found that photo places like Snapfish and book stores like Barnes & Noble are likely to give discounts of 5%-10% and up.

Discover it™ website seems to give the most off for the same retailers.  For example, you can get 5% of while if you were to use ebates, you would only get 2% off

Websites dedicated to referrals for retailers
If your credit card's website does not have a particular retailer, there are many websites that specialize in this.  They usually have more retailers than your credit card's website but they usually give a smaller percentage.  One good site is ebates.