Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brooks Brothers Credit Card

For those of you who like Brooks Brothers Clothing (I buy them so that I don't have to send my shirts to the dry cleaners to be pressed and I don't have to iron them myself), I would suggest the Brooks Brothers Credit Card.  Even if you think Brooks Brothers is normally too expensive continue to read on.


1) The day you open the card you get 15% off your purchases.

2) 4% back on purchases at Brooks Brothers.  When you spend $500 at brooks brothers they will give you a brooks brothers gift card worth $20.

3) They will give you a $20 gift card to use the month of your birthday.  You have to spend at least $20 but you you can spend $20.01 (before taxes) and barely spend any money or you can get $20 off the normally pricey merchandise.


Having another card.  I leave this card in my files and only take it out when I am going to their store so that I don't have to keep it in my wallet.