Friday, October 31, 2014

Bank of America Museums on Us - This Saturday and Sunday

Bank of America Museums on Us program gives Bank of America card holders free access to select museums on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month.   November 1st and 2nd are the dates for this month so that means this Saturday and Sunday are the free days this month.

You need to have a credit card in the name of each person so you still have to pay for kids, unless you get a credit card for you child, like I did.

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Here is a list of the museums in the New York/New Jersey area:
  • NJ
    • Liberty Science Center (Jersey City)
    • Montclair Art Museum (Montclair)
    • Morris Museum (Morristown)
    • Newark Museum (Newark)
  • NY
    • Suffolk county Vanderbilt Museum (Centerport)
    • Long Island Children's Museum (Garden City)
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art (Manhattan)
    • Staten Island Children's Museum (Staten Island)
    • New York Historical Society (NYC)
    • Whitney Museum of American Art (Manhattan)
    • Brooklyn's Children Museum (Brooklyn)
    • Queen's Museum of Art (Queens)
    • Guggenheim Museum (Manhattan)
    • Old Westbury Gardens (Old Westbury)
    • Long Island Museum of American Art, History & Carraiges

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lots of Free $20 Amazon Gift Cards Available Through Adding Credit Cards to Softcard - Ends in 2 days

From now until the end of the month (2 days), Softcard will give you a $20 Amazon Gift Card for adding participating credit cards and making one purchase of any amount.  American Express, Chase and Wells Fargo cards are the only ones accepted right now.

Softcard is a mobile wallet payment system that uses NFC technology.

In order to add American Express cards to Softcard, you have to log in to your American Express account from the Softcard app.  This limits how many cards you can add because you are only allowed to add cards from one account.  However, there is a workaround.

Once you have made a purchase on your card, go to and remove each of your American Express cards from Softcard, now you will be able to log in to a new American Express account from Softcard and add those new cards for more free gift cards.

Hurry, this will only last until the end of the month.  I have already been emailed some Amazon Gift Cards for my first purchases.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Discover Credit Card 5% Possibilities

From now until the end of the year, Discover it is offering 5% cashback for Online Shopping and Department Stores, on up to $1,500 of purchases which is $75 cashback.  You must activate the 5% cashback before your purchases to qualify for the 5%.

In addition to your regular spending online, here are some possibilities of how to maximize your 5%. As usual, we are also on the look out for ways to Manufacture Spending.  Let's try to get $75, or at least some of it, without actually spending money.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1) In Store Google Wallet NFC Payments
  • Google Wallet is one of many companies that allow you to pay for purchases with your smartphone.  Doctor of Credit reports that in store purchases using Google Wallet might be coded as online purchases. 
  • Many pharmacies, including CVS, allow for NFC payments and sell Visa Gift cards and Paypal Reload cards.

2) American Express Gift Cards 
  • I haven't actually tried this, but it makes sense that it will work.  They don't sell $1,500 gift cards so you can buy 1 $1,000 gift card and another $500 gift card.  Purchase and shipping fees come out to $16.85 for the $1,500 of gift cards.

  • Start you purchase from Top Cashback and you will get 1.5% cashback as well for $18.75 cashback, which more than covers your fees.
    • You can either use this as a possibility to get 5.13% cashback wherever AMEX is accepted or you can cash out via Google Wallet for a $43.50 fee for a net $33.35 gain.

3) Online Simon Mall Visa Gift Cards
  • I haven't tried this either, but once again there is no reason it shouldn't work.  You can buy $500 Visa gift cards for a $2.95 fee.  $1,500 of gift cards will cost $1,519.12 total with shipping
  • Advantage of Visa Gift Cards is that they can be used as Debit Cards in some places to buy Money Orders for cheap, load onto Serve/Bluebird at Walmart or pay bills with Evolve.
  • You are basically getting 4% cashback with slightly less work than with AMEX gift cards.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bluebird - 10% Cashback on $150 - Targeted

If you still have a Bluebird Prepaid Account, check your email for an offer from them.  You are only eligible if you received an email.

A friend got an offer for $15 cashback if he spends $75 twice ($150 minimum in total) by November 22, 2014.  That's 10% cashback on the $150.


Eligible purchase transactions do not include (1) purchase transactions at parking lots, garages and transit providers (e.g., ferries, railroads, subways, trolleys and buses), (2) attempted purchase transactions using your Account that are not completed for any reason (including as a result of an inoperable payment terminal), and (3) payment of fees that appear on Bluebird Account statement. 

Thank you SW for the tip!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hurry, Tonight Only - American Express Gift Cards - 4% Cashback Everywhere or Easy Manufactured Spending Opportunity

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Top Cashback 

Update 10/23/2014 - Cashback is back down to 1.5% and my cashback is already pending in my Top Cashback account.

Until the rest of 10/22Top Cashback is offering 2.25% cashback for buying American Express Gift Cards.  This is a very good sign considering there was a time when American Express Gift Cards disappeared from all the shopping portals.

American Express Gift Cards have long been one of my best buds in the manufactured spending world.  Unfortunately, with the demise of Amazon Payments, they are far less useful, but they still can have their uses.

Why Can I Do With This Deal?

The maximum you can buy per person is $5,000 per 15 business days.  2.25% is $112.50 cashback from Top Cashback.  Purchase fees and shipping fees come out to $16.85.

Before I get into any heavy math, I will give you a preview of what you will get:

  1. 3.9% cashback everywhere or $55 with a Fidelity American Express.
  2. Meet a spending threshold and break even on a 1% cashback card
  3. "Buy" your favorite miles for under a penny per point.

1) Fidelity American Express

  • 2% cashback everywhere.  For a $5,016.85 order, this comes out to  $100.33 from Fidelity and $112.50 from Top Cashback.   After fees, this comes out to about $196, which is 3.9% cashback to spend anywhere.  Not too shabby!

2) Meet a Spending Threshold 

  • Recently signed up for a credit card and need to spend money to get the bonus (I'm giving you the stink-eye JF)?  Me too!  You can buy these gift cards to put money on your credit card now and use these gift cards over time.
    • Assuming your credit card gets 1% cashback on every purchase, you will get $50 cashback from your credit card and $112.50 from Top Cashback for a total of $145.65 after fees or 2.9% cashback while meeting a spending threshold at the same time.
3) Buy Miles Cheaply
  • You can take this as an opportunity to buy 5,000 miles on your favorite credit card for a very cheap price.  You would want to cash out the gift cards to make it worthwhile.  That comes next.

Using American Express Gift Cards

What should you do with these gift cards once you buy them?

  1. Spend them like an American Express credit card.  You can buy one $3,000 and one $2,000 card so it isn't too much of a hassle.  I recommend not using them on any purchase that you might want to return.
  2. Cash out.  I don't know of any way to do this cheaply.  You can use Google Wallet to send money to a friend (read: my wife) who can then withdraw to a bank account.  This costs a whopping 2.9% or $140.  You will keep about $4,860 of the $5,000.
    • With Fidelity American Express you will end up keeping about $55 for about half an hour of work.
    • If you are meeting a spending threshold, you will just about break even and still be $5,000 closer to your target
    • If you are buying miles, you will be getting 5,000 miles at a fee of $0.0088 per mile.  
      • You are "buying" 5000 miles for $44 after fees

No promo codes!  Your cashback from Top Cashback will be invalidated.